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Posted: 4 January 2013 - 2:06 am [Reblog this post]
A Collective Post of Sassy Neopets Items

So when you just need to send someone an item, that really gets a message across, feel free to consult this post.

Pile of Dung

Nothing says You’re a pile of shit than an actual pile of shit.
Use this on users who are just really shitty. 

No Need to Be Rood
Some assholes really just need to be told off.
Whether they’re just some whore who backed out on a trade,
or someone on the boards just need to shut the fuck up.
Never fear. This book is a great tool.

You Did It Card

If someone just really hurt your precious little feels, let them know with this ironic card.
Whoever receives this card will know,
They succeeded at being a true asshole!

 Learn Social Skills
The real assholes who deserve this book fucking don’t know how to act around people.
They’re constantly unfit for Neopian society and it’s your job to teach them a lesson on social behavior.  

Broken Heart Keyring

One deserving of this keyring is a real ruthless bitch.
Not just anyone can break a heart better than these fuckers.

When life gives you lemons, just fucking throw them at the people you despise.

A Plague Upon You! 
Sometimes, you just fucking want someone to get sick with a disease that ain’t easily cured with a visit to the Healing Springs. 

 Hold Your Breath
This one is pretty self-explanatory. 

Better Than You
Let those fuckers know you ain’t gonnastoop to their level.
You’re better than them.
Bad bitches like you are hard to come by.

The Big Book of Hate and Anger
When you just fucking hate someone. Send them this book. 
Hopefully they aren’t that thick skulled that your message will actually get across.

Managing Anger 
If some fucker is just blowing up on you, or anyone else on the boards, send them this lil reminder that they may need to get a therapy session.
Maybe even some meds.

*this post was brought to you by harmony*
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